One of the damaged cars.

Police investigate street racers after high-speed crash at fairground site

Malaga police are investigating the driver for a possible offence against road safety, as several pedestrians had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over



Wednesday, 25 January 2023, 18:12


Several people had to jump for their lives after drivers raced at high speed through the fairground esplanade in the early hours of Saturday 21 January.

One man is under investigation for driving at high speed until he ended up crashing into other cars. The 35-year-old individual is being investigated for a crime against road safety for driving recklessly, endangering his life and causing danger to people who were in the area.

The 092 control room of the Malaga Local Police received calls informing them that a concentration of vehicles was taking place on the esplanade carrying out illegal manoeuvres. Five police units were sent to the scene.

Officers saw that there had been an accident between two cars. In one of them there were two occupants, the driver being uninjured and the co-driver with slight contusions. The vehicle had a damaged bonnet.

In the other car there were also two people with minor injuries. The car had widespread damage to the rear and a detached bumper. The investigation revealed that several pedestrians had to jump backwards to avoid being hit by the speeding car, which ended up colliding with another car.

After identifying all the parties involved, the officers told the driver under investigation that he should accompany them to process a report for the judicial authority, to which the man agreed voluntarily. He tested negatively for alcohol.

The vehicles were taken back to the police base by their respective insurance companies.





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