Malaga ultras angry at their club's relegation. Marilú Báez

Police arrest 13 local football hooligans after trouble following Malaga CF's relegation

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The suspects barricaded the only exit from the La Rosaleda stadium with a burning container and, allegedly, threw objects at the police who were forced to fire warning shots

Irene Quirante


Friday, 2 June 2023, 12:48


National Police officers have arrested 13 football hooligans for their alleged involvement in the altercations that took place on 27 May at the end of the Malaga-Ibiza match at La Rosaleda stadium. According to the investigations, the detainees were allegedly behind the barricades in which, among other public disorder and damage, rubbish containers were overturned and one of them was burnt.

The incidents occurred at the end of the game. It was then that, apparently, a mass of ultra ‘fans’ gathered outside the stadium, next to the 'fondo' stand, to wait for the departure of the players and the club's management and to reproach them for the team's relegation. They allegedly intended to block the only way out of the stadium on the road.

According to the National Police, who were forced to intervene to break up the incidents, the suspects formed barricades by overturning containers and setting fire to one of the containers to block the passage from the stadium car park to La Palmilla avenue.

They also, allegedly, overturned a Local Police motorbike and threw stones and fencing material at officers. Police fired shots into the air to dissuade the crowd.

According to the provincial police HQ, before the match even started, at around 5.30pm, radical ‘fans’ had gathered at gate eight of the stadium, where the club's directors and the authorities enter the stadium, and began chanting at members of the local club.

As soon as the match was over, the ultras who were located in the 'grada de animación' did not leave the area and, for approximately half an hour, they incited a pitch invasion with repeated chants directed at the crowd.

In total, thirteen people have been arrested for the offences of public disorder, damage and assault on police officers.


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