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Plumber held hostage in Malaga because the quote he gave was 'daylight robbery'

Plumber held hostage in Malaga because the quote he gave was 'daylight robbery'

The tradesman was held in an apartment where the suspect allegedly threatened to shoot at a gas cylinder and blow up the building

Juan Cano


Tuesday, 7 November 2023


A man has been arrested after allegedly kidnapping a plumber over a quote he gave which was "a daylight robbery" and then threatening to blow him up by shooting at a butane gas cylinder in Malaga.

Police were first alerted after neighbours reported two shots fired from the window of an apartment about 12 noon on Saturday 4 November in a building in the Carretera de Cádiz area of Malaga city.

Officers arrived on the scene to find a very aggressive man who allegedly said he was going to explode a butane cylinder he had placed next to the door of his home, on the landing of the staircase. Police then evacuated the other apartments in the building, went up to the man's house and removed the canister.

The man refused to let the officers inside his apartment, claimed he was alone and that the gun he had was not a real one. Negotiations went on for more than an hour until officers heard someone else shouting from inside the property. National Police officers then arrived following a call from the plumber trapped inside the home who said he was being held captive.

The individual then admitted the plumber was inside the flat and, according to sources, said he was not going to let him leave until police had left the premises. Police negotiated with the man to open the door slightly to confirm the hostage was safe, and he agreed. When he opened the door, officers behind riot shields swooped and blocked the man from closing the door again. The man then allegedly became aggressive and threw chairs and other objects that were among furniture he had piled up at the entrance to barricade in the plumber. Police officers then rescued the tradesman who was not injured during his ordeal.

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