The new store in the Vialia shopping centre will open on 23 June. / sur

Pepco, the 'Polish Primark', is set to open its first store in Malaga

Its low-cost collections are designed for all the family and people of all ages, although its children’s fashion range is the best-seller. The company plans to open nearly 40 shops in Spain altogether


Pepco, a chain specialising in low-cost fashion which is hugely popular in much of Europe, will be opening its first store in Malaga on 23 June. The company, which began in Poland in 2014 and is known as the 'Polish Primark', will have one of its first shops in southern Spain in the Vialia shopping centre.

Pepco will occupy part of the premises previously taken up by H&M, close to the main hall at the station. Its collections are designed for all the family and all ages, although its children’s range is its star line. In fact, the company claims to be the European leader for fashion for the under-14s.

The Malaga store is the first stage of Pepco’s ambitious international expansion plans which will see the company open nearly 40 shops in Spain altogether. At present it has two stores in Granada, one in Almeria and another in Seville.

Although the name is little-known in Spain, Pepco is one of the most powerful low-cost chains in Europe. It first began in Poland in 2004 and since then has established itself in central Europe, where it has over 2,100 stores in 13 countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Serbia.

The company is part of the Pepco Group conglomerate, which also owns Poundland, Dealz and Conforama, among others. In Spain it operates as Pepco España SL and is based in Madrid.

In its official figures, the company says it has over 19 million clients a month in Europe, and it employs over 20,000 people.