Image of the illegal event supplied by Malaga Local Police. SUR

Watch as organiser of illegal street party with loud music and pyrotechnics tracked down by Malaga police

Local Police officers identified a 24-year-old man and reported him after scouring social media networks for evidence

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Sunday, 12 November 2023


A 24-year-old man has reported by Local Police in Malaga for convening a party on public roads with fireworks and loud music without authorisation.

Officers from the investigation and protection group (GIP) of the force, who specialise in research on social media networks and open internet sources, investigated after the event on Calle Veracruz, on the San Luis industrial estate, on Halloween night.

The investigators captured images from various social media network profiles showing that a vehicle was used in the event as a 'disco car'. Local Police identified the owner and alleged organiser of the party, after also verifying that he used powerful sound equipment and advertised the event on social media networks.

In addition to playing the loud music from his car, he allegedly set off pyrotechnics from the roof of his vehicle while hundreds of young people danced and drank around him on the public roads.

The man has been proposed for the charge of a very serious breach of the law that protects the publics' safety, to which is added the use of pyrotechnic articles in breach of the applicable regulations. He also faces charges for lacking the required documentation or authorisation for the party, and also lacking the mandatory safety and security measures or precautions.

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