Location of the Andalusian cyber security centre in Malaga's Palmeral de las Sorpresas. Salvador Salas
Opening imminent for Junta de Andalucía's cyber security nerve centre in Malaga

Opening imminent for Junta de Andalucía's cyber security nerve centre in Malaga

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Located in city’s Palmeral de las Sorpresas, the facility is to have a progressive opening and will be fully operational before the end of the year

Matías Stuber

Wednesday, 22 March 2023


The Junta de Andalucía's cyber security centre will open its doors at the beginning of next week, when the regional government plans to inaugurate this new facility, which occupies two floors in the Palmeral de las Sorpresas, in the building that previously housed the Aula del Mar.

The opening of what will be the nerve centre for Andalucía to develop and promote everything related to its cybersecurity strategy was announced today (Wednesday 22 March) by the regional minister of the Presidency of the Junta, Antonio Sanz, at the second Andalusian Cybersecurity Congress being held yesterday (Wednesday) and today Thursday, 23 March, at Malaga city’s congress centre, the Palacio de Ferias.

Sanz told reporters that it will be a "progressive opening" for the Centro de Ciberseguridad de Andalucía. This means, he explained, that the space will be put into operation in different phases, until all the planned areas are up and running "one hundred percent before the end of the year".

The cyber security centre will have 34 employees, although the number may vary depending on the needs of the moment. The specific opening day, according to Junta sources consulted by SUR, has yet to be determined.

Technological capital of the region

The flagship centre reinforces Malaga city's position as the technological capital of the region and was borne of an aspiration conceived in the previous legislature of positioning the region as a leader in cybersecurity at the national level. The location in the Palmeral de las Sorpresas is not random. The Junta's cybersecurity centre will be less than 300 metres from Google's cyber security centre, which will be housed in the former government building.

The core team of the Centro de Ciberseguridad de Andalucía will involve threat detection professionals who will carry out a permanent monitoring of the entire digital infrastructure of the Junta.




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