The exhibition will be open for one month.
New stamp exhibition at Malaga's main post office runs through the area's history
Malaga city

New stamp exhibition at Malaga's main post office runs through the area's history

The exhibition highlights the city's impact on emblematic envelopes, stamps and postmarks


Thursday, 28 March 2024, 10:43


The Círculo Filatélico of Malaga, a society for collectors of the stamps and postal history of Spain, has opened a new exhibition in the city's main post office on Avenida de la Estación. The exhibition is dedicated to the city's impact on stamp collecting and features a selection of first day of issue covers (FDC), commemorative envelopes, stamps, postmarks and other historic documents that reflect Malaga's philatelic legacy over the years.

The collection reflects how every significant event throughout the history of the city has left its mark on stamps. From the iconic Fiestas de Invierno of the 1950s to the most recent exhibitions, museum openings, and tributes to prominent figures from Malaga, the display offers a journey through the city's history.

The exhibition, organised by José Melgarejo Amigo, offers insight on a wide range of themes, from Semana Santa in Malaga to the 1982 World Cup, when corresponding stamps were issued for the three matches played at La Rosaleda Stadium.

The exhibition shines light on the lives of renowned 'malagueños', such as Picasso. For this acclaimed artist, the display celebrates the return to Spain of his famous painting 'Guernica', as well as the centenary of his birth and the 50th anniversary of his death. Other figures celebrated include Cánovas (the Spanish statesman largely responsible for bringing about the restoration of Spain's Bourbon dynasty in 1875); the Gálvez family of Macharaviaya and actor Antonio Banderas, who appears in a block sheet on the occasion of the World Philatelic Exhibition held in Malaga in 2006.

Tribute is also paid to two outstanding figures from Malaga: lawyer and politician Victoria Kent, of whom a stamp was issued in 1990, and philosopher, essayist and poet María Zambrano, honoured in 1993, both immortalised on official first-day covers.

The exhibition also recalls significant events in Malaga's recent history, from the opening of the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (now Malaga's TechPark) to the centenary of the iconic Calle Larios and the inauguration of the Pompidou Museum. Malaga's much admired sardine espetos and wines also feature prominently in the exhibition. Also of note are the envelopes commemorating the centenary of the first flight from Malaga Airport, signed by the pilots who recreated the historic journey one hundred years later.

This exhibition marks the seventh joint project of the Círculo Filatélico de Málaga with the main post office in Malaga city and can be visited for a month during normal opening hours.

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