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New 'low-cost' high-speed train service between Madrid and Malaga has no summer tickets for less than 45 euros

New 'low-cost' high-speed train service between Madrid and Malaga has no summer tickets for less than 45 euros

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AVLO, Renfe's new alternative to their standard AVE trains, launched yesterday with all the bargain-priced seats between the two cities sold out until September

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 2 June 2023

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Renfe's low-cost alternative to their AVE high-speed service, called the AVLO, launched on Thursday 1 June from Malaga with a trip to Madrid that left at 9.54am. On board, were some farsighted travelers, who had taken advantage of the commercial launch offer, which came out in April with seats from only seven euros.

But the vast majority of cheap seats for this summer are already sold out: for June, July and August it is no longer possible to find seats for this new service for less than 45 euros (one-way).

For some dates there are cheaper, and faster, options available on the conventional AVE trains, with fares from 25 euros. And AVLO trains are slower (they stop at all intermediate stations) and do not have a cafeteria although they do have several coffee dispensing machines.

José Ángel Ferrero, director of southern commercial services at Renfe, said state operator Renfe’s rate offering is “based on flexible prices that are modified according to demand and in AVLO the same happens: it has a starting price of seven euros, but that quota is sold out in ten minutes, and from there we are jumping up in steps, at 19 euros, at 29 [euros]. And as demand goes, it increases, depending on the market”.

The AVLO prices above 45 euros means that these trains have more than 60 per cent occupancy. All places are put up for sale in a single class, called Basic. On the base price, the client can add extra services such as selection of space, changes or cancellations and additional luggage. The base price includes a free cabin suitcase and a handbag.

The initial availability is for a daily round-trip train in the Malaga-Madrid and Seville-Madrid routes, with 1,752 seats per day.

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