Javier Calleja with Mr. Günter.

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Javier Calleja with Mr. Günter. Ñito Salas

Malaga artist Javier Calleja's record-breaking exhibition helps support children with cancer and two animal welfare charities

Mr. Günter, The Cat Show at the city's Unicaja Cultural Centre Foundation attracted around 63,000 visitors of 70 nationalities. Entrance was free of charge but donations were asked for



Friday, 13 October 2023, 19:50


A record-breaking exhibition by a Malaga artist is thought to have raised about 190,000 euros for childhood cancer support and cat shelters.

More than 63,000 people from 70 different nationalities visited Javier Calleja's exhibition at the Centro Cultural Fundación Unicaja in Malaga. The Mr. Günter, The Cat Show exhibition was on show from 4 March until 6 September.

In keeping with the charitable philosophy of the museum and the artist's studio, people were asked to donate three euros to access the exhibition. That money will now be split evenly and go towards the Malaga Association of Children's Oncology Volunteers (AVOI) who help children with cancer, and animal shelters El Gato Garduño and La Guarida.


The money is expected to help out with three social projects: one dedicated to caring for children with cancer and other chronic illnesses in Malaga, and two other animal protection projects, one in the Malaga municipality of Alhaurín de la Torre and the other in Puente Genil in Cordoba province.

The financial aid to AVOI is in addition to Unicaja Foundation's recent support for the organising of a trip to Disneyland Paris which 60 children with cancer and other children with chronic illnesses were treated to.

The money towards the animal shelters El Gato Garduño and La Guarida will strengthen their work in caring for abandoned animals and promoting responsible ownership.

Founded in 2019, El Gato Garduño is responsible for the management and care of cat colonies in Alhaurín de la Torre. In these four years, more than 520 cats have been adopted through this shelter and about 480 cats have been sterilised.

Meanwhile La Guarida currently looks after 100 dogs in its shelter that are looking for forever homes. Nearly a hundred have already been adopted so far this year.

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