The seized shipment of bananas and cocaine. SUR

More than 600 kilos of cocaine found hidden among bananas at Malaga Port


The market value of the drugs is to estimated to be in excess of 21 million euros

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Tuesday, 28 February 2023, 16:50

Customs surveillance officials from Spain's national tax agency, in a joint operation with the National Police, have seized more than 600 kilograms of cocaine, hidden among a shipment of bananas from South America, at Malaga Port.

The investigators had been working for months on the detailed study of the so-called 'hot routes' - areas that would presumably be used by criminal organisations for the introduction of narcotic substances in containers - the National Police force said in a statement.

As a result, at the beginning of February, a comparative analysis of different shipments and of incidents in the distribution chain, raised the suspicions of the investigators about a container.

When the shipping container was opened, it was confirmed that, among the legal merchandise transported, more than 600 kilograms of cocaine were hidden inside, with an estimated market value exceeding 21 million euros.

Arrests were made and the merchandise seized, and the case is now in the hands of the investigating court in Malaga.

Police say that the action represents a significant blow to the criminal organisations dedicated to the international transport of cocaine that operate in Spain taking advantage of international trade merchandise transactions, and that introduce large quantities of drugs at source and extract it at its final destination, taking advantage of the existing business structure.



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