Recreation of Florence Nightingale at the Clínico Hospital, in Malaga. SUR
Malaga hospital pays tribute to Florence Nightingale on International Nursing Day

Malaga hospital pays tribute to Florence Nightingale on International Nursing Day

A health professional at the city's Clínico hospital dressed up as the English social reformer, credited as being the founder of modern nursing

Ángel Escalera

Thursday, 12 May 2022, 15:53


In the history of modern day nursing there is a key figure: Florence Nighingale. This woman, who was born in Florence (Italy) on 12 May 1820, is considered as one of the pioneers in the field of modern nursing. And she was remembered today, 12 May, at the Virgen de la Victoria Clínico Hospital in Malaga, on the occasion of International Nursing Day.

One of the healthcare professionals who works at the hospital dressed as the legendary figure, born on 12 May 1820, putting on attire that was typical of the time. An excerpt of Nightingale's biography was then read in one of the health centre's patios.

Florence rose to fame after her work during Crimean War in the 19th century, as she took care of the injured and used new hygiene methods to prevent deaths through infection. Moreover, she was also known for teaching and improving nursing standards.

The Clínico hospital, also staged other events to make International Nursing Day. There is an exhibition titled 'Siempre cuidando' (Always taking care), which is made up of 14 images and a watercolour painting. The photographs depict stories related with the hospital and its professionals' history in day-to-day scenes. The exhibition will remain open to the public for the next few days.


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