Malaga TechPark board of directors with new president Carolina España (second on right). FRANCIS SILVA
Malaga TechPark companies generate 22 per cent of employment in the city of Malaga

Malaga TechPark companies generate 22 per cent of employment in the city of Malaga

The tech hub celebrates its 30th anniversary, with 624 companies and institutions and 57,625 direct and indirect workers


Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 17:06


Two out of every ten workers in Malaga city have their livelihood linked to Malaga TechPark and almost 22 per cent of the local GDP is generated within this site, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in excellent shape.

It has a record numbers of tenants, with 624 companies and organisations, with 22,238 workers in direct employment and a further 57,625 workers employed indirectly and a turnover of 2.3 billion euros thanks to the boom in Malaga as a destination for technological investments.

"Demand continues to be very high. Every week there is a minimum of one request for information from companies interested in coming, and sometimes up to four," said Malaga TechPark general manager Felipe Romera.

The impact of the TechPark on the provincial and regional economy is also striking: the site generates 8.65 per cent of the GDP and 9.1 per cent of employment in Malaga province; and 1.74 per cent of the GDP and 1.81 per cent of employment in Andalucía as a whole.

These figures were highlighted on Monday by the Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Carolina España, who has been appointed as president of the management company of the technology park.

An Infyde report states that the park has become an "island of innovation in which the effects of the two crises [the 2008 crisis and the 2000 pandemic crisis] have not been felt to the same extent as in the rest of the economy".

The report also states that the centre "has a multiplier effect on the economy of practically double what the park generates directly". It adds that the activity generated is responsible for about 1.52 per cent of the total tax revenue in Andalucía.

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