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Malaga 'Spider-Man' burglar arrested for breaking into four homes

Malaga 'Spider-Man' burglar arrested for breaking into four homes

The suspect wore a supervillain mask while climbing up the outside of apartment buildings to access homes of vulnerable victims


Monday, 8 May 2023, 10:52


A man who donned a supervillain mask and burgled homes by climbing up the façades of buildings and sneaking in through windows has been arrested in Malaga city.

National Police arrested the 39-year-old last week in the city's La Palmilla district; he is suspected of three violent assaults and one robbery with force in the same district.

According to investigators, the suspect climbed up the outside of buildings and entered flats through the windows. He then scared the occupants with a knife. In one of the robberies, the suspect gagged an elderly woman in her 80s, before searching her home.

Operación Araña (Operation Spider), named after the suspect's ability to climb the façades of buildings, was carried out by officers from the provincial police station's robbery unit following reports of four burglaries at homes in La Palmilla in just two days. The victims were always people in vulnerable situations, police said.

On multiple occasions the suspect used a disguise of a well-known American supervillain while he committed the crimes, police added.

He had a previous record for similar crimes. In a raid of the suspect's home, police seized the supervillain mask, a knife, several mobile phones, a television and some jewellery. He has been remanded in custody following a court appearance.

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