Andrés Torres, centre, with Jorge Berzosa (r) and the chef from Verum. / LUIS REINA

Malaga seeks to set a world record with traditional gazpachuelo soup

A challenge, to be held on 8 May, aims to serve 500 people in one day and raise funds for an arts association


A group of local food enthusiasts aims to put a traditional Malaga soup in the Guinness Book of Records.

OMERG, which stands for Observatorio Malagueño de la Ensaladilla Rusa y del Gazpachuelo, was formed on Facebook in 2016 by fans of two dishes: the popular Russian (potato) salad and the traditional gazpachuelo soup made with fish, potatoes and mayonnaise.

Now members are celebrating their sixth birthday - and their return to monthly meetings after a two-year break due to the pandemic - in a big way, by attempting to set a world record for the most dishes of gazpachuelo prepared and served in one day.

Andrés Torres, the president of the group, said that they face the challenge with great enthusiasm. Initially their goal is to get 500 people together on Sunday 8 May, but he insisted this is only a rough number.

“We came up with 500 because it is a high, round number, but the important thing is to help our organisation and for members to meet again,” he said. So far it is looking good. In just over 24 hours following the announcement, more than 200 people expressed an interest in attending the event.

The record challenge will be held at the College of Physicians in Malaga and is open to the general public. It is not necessary to reserve or pay in advance; confirmation on the group's Facebook page up to the day of the event is enough.

Proceeds will go to the local arts group ‘La casa del artista y de las bellas artes', which works with OMERG. A 10-euro donation is required to attend the event and the group is trying to establish a way to contribute for people who are not able to go.

While planning the event, the group contacted Guinness to formalise this new record. Torres has said that Guinness has not responded to the request but he is confident about setting the new world record.

He proudly pointed out that gazpachuelo is a purely Malaga dish and unknown in other parts of Andalucía. On the day the soup will be prepared by cooks from Asador Verum, Mar de Verum and Catering La Monarca, among others.

Other activities

Outside the building, attendees will also be able to try other local products such as 'salchichón' sausage, cheese, raisins and olive oil. There will be a prize draw and a performance by the comedian Morta.