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Malaga Port lowers the height of the controversial fence at the megayacht marina

Malaga Port lowers the height of the controversial fence at the megayacht marina

The work has already begun and the fence will be between 1 and 1.4 metres high, depending on the area, so pedestrians can still enjoy the views of the city

Enrique Miranda


Friday, 8 April 2022, 19:49

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Work has now begun to reduce the height of the metal fence at the superyacht marina in Malaga Port which has caused such controversy.

It was last month that the company which holds the concession started to erect a white metal fence along 180 metres at the end of Muelle Uno, the area closest to La Farola lighthouse, but there were immediate complaints from local people because it blocked the view of the city. It was being installed as a security measure, and had been demanded by the owners of the biggest megayachts.

The plan was for the fence to be two metres high, including the base, but that would have made it difficult for pedestrians in the port to see El Palmeral, the Alcazaba and the cathedral.

Sources at the Port Authority say the fence will now be between one metre and 1.40 metres high, depending on the area. For now, the solution is to reduce its height instead of replacing it with glass panels, but they say it is necessary to wait until the whole project has been completed, including planters, benches and other decorative features, before judging how it looks.

The new megayacht marina on quays number 1 and 2 is extremely important for the city because it will mean more business and visitors, as yachts between 24 and 180 metres in length will be able to berth in Malaga.

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