Patients, relatives and staff enjoyed a taste of Malaga Fair. sur

"The hospital patients can't go to Malaga Fair, so the Fair has come to them"

A flamenco choir and folk group performed at the Clínico hospital on Wednesday so that patients, relatives and staff who can't take part in the festivities could still enjoy some of the fun

Ángel Escalera

Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 19:48


The sounds of a flamenco choir and a group of folk musicians could be heard at the Clínico hospital in Malaga on Wednesday, thanks to an initiative to bring the Malaga Fair to patients and staff who were unable to go in person. The performances were by the Cortijo Alto choir and Amigos de la Fiesta group, and the area was decorated with elements traditionally associated with the fair and posters for this year’s event.

This was one of the activities which are organised by the hospital management to make patients’ stay as pleasant as possible. “They can't go to the Fair, so the Fair has come to them,” as one member of staff described it.

José Antonio Ortega, the manager of the Clínico, said “ Our hospital was keen to get involved with the Malaga Fair in some way so patients could also enjoy the festivities. We always aim to improve the experience of people who are admitted for treatment, and their relatives and carers, as much as we can”.

The mayor visited the medical oncology unit

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, was also there for the performance and he took the opportunity to visit the medical oncology unit, where he chatted with patients, relatives and staff and wished those with the illness a speedy recovery.


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