Francisco Salado gave the dean, José Ferrary, and canon Antonio Aguilera the good news at a meeting. / sur

Malaga Cathedral's roof fund gets three-million-euro boost from provincial council

Francisco Salado told the Church authorities this week that the Diputación will be contributing 3.25 million euros towards the project, taking the total contribution from public administrations up to 13 million


The Diputación de Malaga (the provincial council) is to pay 3.25 million euros towards the cost of a new roof for Malaga cathedral, which is badly needed as the existing one leaks.

The total cost of replacing the roof is estimated at 16 million euros; the Church authorities will fund part of that amount, and Malaga city council has also agreed to contribute one million. This contribution from the Diputación brings the amount financed by different institutions to 13 million euros.

The good news for the Church authorities came at a meeting between Diputación president Francisco Salado, with the dean, José Ferrary, and canon, Antonio Aguilera. He said there will be an initial sum assigned in next year’s budget for this project, although he did not indicate how much it would be.

“It is essential that something is done to stop the cathedral deteriorating any further, so we need to act urgently,” he said. The cathedral was classified as a Historic-Artistic Monument in June 1931 and a Building of Cultural Interest in May 1985.

The works will take at least two years to complete. They include constructing an entirely new roof and restoring and widening downpipes, as well as weatherproofing the terraces above the chapels.