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Malaga Airport breaks record for highest April temperature for second time this month

Malaga Airport breaks record for highest April temperature for second time this month

The 34C recorded at the gateway to the Costa del Sol on Saturday afternoon beat the previous record, registered just 20 days ago

Ignacio Lillo


Sunday, 30 April 2023, 09:37


Meteorologists will have to update the records for the highest April temperature in Malaga, since data has been kept, for the second time this month.

At 3.30pm on Saturday (29 April), the Aemet thermometer at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport registered a maximum of 33.9C; an automatic reading that, when reviewed by weather agency specialists, could foreseeably mean it being raised to 34 or 34.1 degrees.

Just 20 days since the record was last beaten, the warm terral wind has again caused the mercury to climb to values ​​never seen before, at least since there are official records in 1943. The previous record on 10 April was 33.7 degrees. Before that, the highest maximum temperature for the month was in 2022, with 33.1C. As can be seen, very recently the fourth month of the year is getting closer and closer to summer values, typical of the month of June.

Thermometer peaked even higher than in Malaga city

Elsewhere in the province, the town of Rincón de la Victoria, which generally escapes the heat from the terral, the thermometer peaked even higher than in Malaga city, with 34.5 degrees. "When the gusts of wind are so strong, they manage to cross Los Montes from Colmenar and the hot air reaches there," explained José Luis Escudero, head of the SUR weather blog, Tormentas y Rayos.

The wind that blew strongly at midday and registered a gust of 52 km/h at the airport, explained why the warm westerly wind reached the neighbouring town on the coast. "A friend from Rincón told me that one moment they had cool sea air, and suddenly hot air entered from behind," said Escudero.

Maximum in Andalucía

Meanwhile, the maximum in Andalucía was registered by the Algarrobo town weather station (not on the coast) with 35.7 degrees. It was followed by Vélez-Málaga (34.7) and Rincón de la Victoria (34.5), all of them ahead of Malaga city.

After an almost tropical night, with the mercury not dropping below 19C, the terral is expected to subside in the early hours of this Sunday morning (30 April), before noon according to Aemet's predictions, when the wind will shift to the east and the maximum temperature expected will be much lower than Saturday's, with around 25 degrees.

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