Malaga magician Adrian Lima goes viral on TikTok with over 845,000 followers

Malaga magician Adrian Lima goes viral on TikTok with over 845,000 followers

His dream is to have a show at the city's Cervantes Theatre, but in the meantime he does tours of Spain and performs at venues such as the oldest magic shop in the world, El Rei de la Màgia in Barcelona

Ana Jiménez


Friday, 4 November 2022, 14:38


He doesn’t have a cloak, a wand or a book of spells but Adrián Lima, who is from Malaga, has become one of the magicians with the most followers on social media. One TikTok account he shares with his friend Inmagic (@magictwins2.0) has two million followers, and his personal account (@_adrianlimag) has over 845,000.

Adrián’s career in magic was sparked by a teacher at primary school, who taught him some tricks. “I was good at juggling and he wanted to learn, so he suggested that if I showed him how he would teach me some magic,” he told SUR.

He specialises in card tricks, although he prefers to call them games: “The word ‘tricks’ sounds like you’re trying to cheat someone,” he said. “A game of magic invites people to participate and enjoy themselves, and to be amazed”.

His family have always been supportive of his decision to pursue this unusual career. “I like to say that, because it’s true. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a family who support them doing what they love. Mine have always been there for me,” he explained.

Adrián’s passion became his job, but he doesn’t consider being a magician work. “I prefer to say I play at being a magician. I have fun, so it’s never onerous or just a job like any other".

He and Inmagic have done several tours in Spain, and he is planning one on his own next year. Meanwhile, he has several appearances planned, including Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November at the oldest magic shop in the world, El Rei de la Màgia, in Barcelona.

Plan B, just in case

His success on social media has given him visibility rather than boosted his income, and he is well aware that careers in this field can fall as quickly as they can rise. “I have a Plan B. At the moment I’m doing a course in commerce and marketing. Who knows what might happen in the future? But I do believe you can make a living from magic,” he said.

When he speaks of the future, his face lights up. “My biggest dream is to perform at the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga,” he said. “I promised my grandparents that one day they could come and see me there. My grandfather can’t any more, but my grandmother would be there, definitely”.


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