Jobandtalent is valued at over two billion euros. sur
Jobandtalent job search platform buys up the British tech firm Jump

Jobandtalent job search platform buys up the British tech firm Jump

This marks a new step in the international expansion plans of the company, valued at more than two billion euros, which was set up by Malaga entrepreneur Juan Urdiales

Antonio Javier López


Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 17:58

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The Jobandtalent company continues its meteoric rise onto the global job search stage through the use of technological tools. A month ago the company created by Malaga entrepreneur Juan Urdiales announced that it expected its volume of business to double, after boosting its valuation to more than two billion euros. Now, Jobandtalent has just bought the British company Jump, a technological job search programme based on artificial intelligence, which is based in the UK.

The move marks a new landmark in Jobandtalent’s international expansion, and it comes at a time when the company is also leaping into the US market. This year it hopes to add 500,000 new workers to its platform.

“By taking advantage of Jump’s advanced technology and Jobandtalent’s way of operating, workers can benefit from recommendations based on their personal preferences and the vacancy requirements. The experience at Jump will enable Jobandtalent to create a professional, personalised coaching service for the workers, which will help them progress in their career and find a job,” say sources at the company.

A statement issued on Tuesday morning explained that the co-founders of Jump, Andrea Consonni and Marja Verbon, will be joining the Data and Product team at Jobandtalent. The company was founded in 2009 and has 2,000 clients in nine countries in Europe and the USA, and has more than 200,000 professionals on its platform.

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