Until now the service has been provided by Madre Coraje SUR
How many tonnes of clothes and shoes are collected in Malaga city recycling bins?

How many tonnes of clothes and shoes are collected in Malaga city recycling bins?

The city hall has awarded a five-million-euro contract to the Pueblo para Pueblo Foundation for installing 466 donation bins across the city

Thursday, 28 March 2024


Malaga city hall is about to award a four-year contract for installing bins which residents can use to recycle unwanted clothes. The service until now has been provided by the NGO Madre Coraje, but management will be taken over by Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo, by far the best positioned of the four organisations that tendered for the two lots into which the service has been divided.

The contract is for installing recycling bins throughout Malaga city and managing the collection. The service had been temporarily suspended, however once the issue was resolved, the city hall analysed bids from Pueblo para Pueblo, East West Productos Textiles, Verde Universal and Eagle Textil.

Two lots

Lot 1 includes the districts of Carretera de Cádiz, Cruz de Humilladero, Palma Palmilla and Bailén-Miraflores (230 recycling bins). Lot 2 includes Centro, El Palo, Ciudad Jardín, Teatinos, Campanillas, Churriana and Puerto de la Torre (236).

A total of 466 recycling bins will be installed. In the first two months of the contract, 30% must be installed. The awardee of the contract will be in charge of transport, management, cleaning, repairs, changes of location and management such as treatment and collection of the clothes.

A decrease in collected clothes: a few key points

"The number of bins indicated must be installed within six months to achieve a ratio of 1,200 inhabitants per bin installed," according to the tender's conditions, which also included, as a guide, the quantities of clothes collected in previous years. The trend is downward, largely due to theft. In 2019, 1.7 million kilos was collected; in 2020 this went down to 1.31 million; then 1.33 in 2021 and barely 1 million kilos in 2022.

The minimum fee for the concession is 650.00 euros, excluding IVA, per year and per bin. Recycled clothes often include household linen, hats, bags, belts, shoes, dolls, soft toys and prams.

Who is Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo?

Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo is, according to its website, a non-profit organisation responsible for textile recycling in Spain. It claims that, of the 1.2 million tonnes of clothes thrown away in Spain every year, only 10% are currently recycled.

Humana has 5,200 clothing donation bins throughout Spain and has recycling plants in Madrid and Barcelona.

"When citizens leave their bags of clothes in Humana's containers, they are transported to its recycling plants and, through a fast and effective process, are classified according to their condition in order to give them a new use," the organisation said. "A total of 90% of these are destined for second-hand sales both in Spain and in the countries where we carry out our social programmes."

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