Malaga has become more popular, partly because of restrictions in other cities. migue fernández
Malaga is introducing new restrictions for stag and hen party groups

Malaga is introducing new restrictions for stag and hen party groups

It will not be tolerated for people to walk around in the street without clothing or just in their underwear and inflatable dolls and elements of a sexual nature will be banned

Francisco Jiménez


Wednesday, 9 November 2022, 17:38


Malaga council has taken the first step towards controlling stag and hen parties in the city. Although there are already regulations in force against anti-social behaviour such as shouting and using megaphones at night, holding outdoor drinking parties and urinating in the street, there will now be new rules aimed specifically at those who visit the city to celebrate the end of someone's single days.

In recent years Malaga has become a favourite destination for these celebrations, partly because of its own attractions but also because of restrictions imposed in other Andalusian cities such as Granada and Seville. Now, the capital of the Costa del Sol will have its own.

Residents have the right to live in peace

The new rules will mean that nobody can walk around in the street without clothing or just in their underwear, or with dolls or “elements of a sexual nature or with accessories that represent genitals,” the text says. In other words, no more penises on heads or inflatable dolls are allowed.

What will happen to anyone who fails to comply? According to the draft which can be consulted on the council’s Citizen Participation web page, the first thing that will happen is that the Local Police will warn people that their behaviour is not permitted and ask them to stop. If they don’t, they can be fined up to 750 euros, the same amount as for vandalism, bathing in fountains or doing acrobatics on bikes or skateboards in public areas.

The council says its aim is to ensure that local residents can live in peace. “The proliferation of certain types of behaviour in recent years, such as nudism, wearing nothing but underwear or carrying erotic items in public means that we have to introduce new regulations. Public spaces must be preserved as places where people can meet, coexist and enjoy their leisure time while respecting others,” a source at City Hall said.

When will the new restrictions come into force? Probably not until early 2023 as at the moment they are only in draft form and have yet to be formalised. Once they have been approved by the council, they will go on public display before being given the green light and can start to be implemented.

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