Victim's cousin arrested after man shot dead on Halloween night

Victim's cousin arrested after man shot dead on Halloween night

Police investigators in Malaga have detained a 21-year-old individual after the fatal shooting on Monday night



Wednesday, 2 November 2022, 15:06

National Police officers in Malaga have arrested a 21-year-old individual as the alleged gunman whose shots ended the life of a 28-year-old man in the city. Apparently, the detained person is a cousin of the victim.

The incident happened at around 9.05pm on Halloween night, when several people alerted the emergency services that a shooting was taking place in the La Corta district.

The 112 Andaluca control room received calls from several witnesses saying that there had been a fight and that several shots had been fired during it.

National Police, the Local Police and medics who arrived on the scene found traces of blood next to the victim's motorcycle, but he had been rushed to the city’s Regional Hospital by local residents.

According to the sources, the young man died in the hospital's emergency department without the doctors being able to do anything to save his life. He had bullet wounds to the head, chest and armpit.

The Homicide Group of the National Police is trying to clarify the motive for the attack. Since the victim and the alleged gunman are related, a personal matter or a debt are being considered as possible hypotheses.



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