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Fog forces two easyJet flights to Malaga Airport to divert

Fog forces two easyJet flights to Malaga Airport to divert

The aircraft, flying from London and Geneva, headed for Granada and Seville instead, although both eventually made it to the Costa del Sol after the weather cleared



Tuesday, 20 December 2022, 13:41


Thick fog above the Malaga Airport runways caused three aborted landings this Tuesday morning, 20 December, according to sources at the airfield's control tower.

The presence of low, dense clouds at the point called "decision height" made one of the pilots decide to circle until the clouds dissipated; while two others decided to go to alternative airports, said airport operator Aena.

One of them, an easyJet flight from Geneva, went to Seville; while the second, from the same airline originating from London-Luton Airport, headed for Granada.

Eventually improved weather conditions meant that both could return to Malaga and finally touched down with some delay at the Costa del Sol airport. Sources said that following the brief weather episode, the airport is now operating completely normally.

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