A frame of the fight taken from a video recorded by a tourist. SUR

Rival football hooligans clash at Malaga Airport

Those involved threw chairs and anything else that they found in their way, causing some panic among arriving tourists


Monday, 21 March 2022, 12:40


It all happened in a matter of minutes and in front of fellow travellers who silently witnessed the chaos. On Friday night, several hooligans were involved in a brawl where insults were hurled and objects were thrown at the Malaga Airport arrivals area, which created some panic among the recently arrived tourists.

Those involved in the commotion were members of radical football fan groups Frente Bokerón, from Malaga, and Sevilla's Biris Norte, sources told SUR. The clashes came after the arrival of a London flight, on which some Sevilla fans were travelling back after the Europa League game the previous day.

The incident caused alarm among onlookers, who recorded the fight on their phones. In one of the videos SUR has had access to, dozens of young males can be seen acting aggresively at one of the terminal's exits, as they waited for the travelling football fans who were still inside.

In that tense moment, some took advantage of the objects that were in their immediate surroundings, such as railings, chairs or fences, which they threw at members of the opposing group before dashing away.

Emergency services received several calls about the fight, as witnesses warned of the presence of a violent groups of men with the intention of injuring others. According to the callers, they had seen the hooligans running around the area and picking up stones to throw.

The Guardia Civil and the National Police were called, but the hooligans had disappeared and the fight had dissipated by the time the authorities arrived. However, an investigation into the incident has been opened.

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