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Fellow passengers on plane to Spain restrain woman following mid-air altercation

The passenger on the Ryanair flight to Malaga, argued with a member of the cabin crew because she wouldn't let her go to the toilet as the plane was descending to land, according to others on the flight



Sunday, 10 March 2024, 17:37


A passenger on a Ryanair flight between Rabat in Morocco and Malaga Airport on the Costa de Sol is being investigated by the Guardia Civil in Spain after an alleged mid-air altercation. Apparently, according to eyewitnesses, the woman had to be restrained and tied to her seat by other passengers.

According to sources, the woman had an argument with a stewardess who told her that she could not get up to go to the toilet as the plane was descending. The argument escalated and, according to other people on the flight, she was eventually tackled by the passengers themselves.

The flight deck crew, which was in the process of landing at Malaga Airport, asked for a delay until the situation onboard was brought under control.

Air traffic controllers on the Costa del Sol put the aircraft into a holding manoeuvre and, when the plane eventually landed safely, it was met by Guardia Civil police offcers.

On their X social media account, ATC staff expressed their support for the air crews and passengers "who have to suffer these increasingly common situations."

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