A queue for security at the airport on the Costa del Sol. File photograph. / sur

Extra police to be assigned to passport control at Malaga Airport to help prevent travel delays

Airport management has also reorganised the area at the Costa del Sol facility and added more booths at departures and arrivals, which authorities have confirmed will all be in use


An additional 34 police officers are to be assigned to Malaga airport this summer to try to cut down on delays for passengers getting through passport control.

The national government’s delegate in Malaga, Javier Salas, explained that the Costa del Sol is a key tourist destination and it is important that procedures run as smoothly as possible. Asked about the problems so far, which have affected many British tourists, he said they had been caused because Britain is no longer in the EU more detailed checks have to be carried out. However, he stressed that other airports have experienced worse problems than Malaga, especially international hubs all over Europe.

Some officers will be based there permanently

Some of the 34 additional officers at Malaga Airport will remain there on a permanent basis. At present 105 police officers work at the airport, 90 per cent of them on border control duties.

Airport management has also reorganised the space and added more passport control booths at departures and arrivals, which the police authority has confirmed will all be in use. “Nevertheless, if eight flights all arrive within an hour, there will always be some queues,” they say.

Mariló Valencia, the general secretary of the SUP police union in Malaga province, said she is pleased that the extra officers are to be assigned to the airport but she hopes they will be kept on after September, when the tourist season is considered to be over. “We would like them to be there for at least six months, because in Malaga the high season for tourists lasts until Christmas,” she said.