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Executive aviation takes off at Malaga Airport with double the number of private flights during this record summer

Executive aviation takes off at Malaga Airport with double the number of private flights during this record summer

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Some of these clients also bring the largest jets which are commercial Boeing and Airbus aircraft generally used for carrying hundreds of passengers, but converted for exclusive use

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 25 August 2023, 19:50


Malaga Airport has seen not only a sharp rise in commercial aircraft movements, which break records week after week, but also in private flights.

In July, there were 1,300 non-commercial flights (take-offs and landings), which is almost double the 700 operations in the same month of the previous year, according to data collected from airport sources. It is an average of 40 aircraft movements per day.

In addition, June 2023 was also significant with nearly 900 private flights, it has exceeded the same month of the previous year. And May was equally good, according to the technical sources consulted.

Juan José Román, who heads a division of United Aviation, one of the main companies that operates at Malaga Airport said that most of the clients come from the Persian Gulf countries. Some of these clients also bring the largest executive aircraft which are commercial aircraft generally used for passengers, but converted for private use. The Boeing 787 is the most commonly used, although individuals are also flying in the Boeing 737 or Airbus 319 and 320, apart from the usual jets. There has been a marked growth in planes carrying passengers from Scandinavian countries too.

Román said that in 2022 the activity was extended beyond the high season into October and November, and this time the same is expected to happen.

“We have our hands tied by space limitations, because expanding the airport depends on the state, but we have to adapt because people want to come,” he added. The airport operator Aena has made an effort to optimise space and restructure the parking area, which has become too small to house so many private planes.

And the increase in demand is leading charter companies to increase their fleet. “This summer season we have gone from one to three planes. The increase in the company's fleet is allowing us to respond to the greater demand,” said Rafael Parodi, commercial director of Aerodynamics Jets, a leading company in the Malaga market.

“The result is very positive, we are increasing both the number of passengers and flight hours. We have also opened new bases: one between Malaga and Asturias, and the other two in Valencia and Andorra. Our forecast is to continue growing in the short and medium term, both in number of passengers served and in fleet, and to continue the expansion process as a leading company in Malaga in executive aviation.”

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