One of the victims. / SUR

Electrocuted white storks found dead under high-voltage pylons

Seventeen specimens of the protected species were found by the Grupona nature protection Local Police team in Malaga


The discovery of a stork with a broken wing in the Los Ruices area sparked members of the Grupona nature protection unit of the Local Police in Malaga into action to find the reason for its injuries.

During an inspection of the area, the group ended up finding another 17 specimens of white storks (Ciconia ciconine) lying dead under several different high-voltage pylons.

The police team submitted a report about the high mortality rate of the birds and copies have been sent to the Junta’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, demanding that the companies responsible for the power lines take protection measures.

The Malaga Provincial Prosecutor's Office has also been informed, given that there is a possibility that an alleged crime against wildlife could have been committed, emphasising that the birds allegedly electrocuted are of a specially protected species.

Although Malaga city is not particularly known for concentrations of storks gathering, as happens in other areas of Andalucía, this year a significant increase in their numbers has been detected.