The presentation of the Soles de Malaga awards. SUR
Elderly in Malaga and Cudeca on the Costa to benefit from major charity donations

Elderly in Malaga and Cudeca on the Costa to benefit from major charity donations

El Pimpi foundation has announced the eleven beneficiaries and La Caixa foundation has awarded an advance of 50,000 euros to the selected associations and projects

Cristina Pinto


Wednesday, 6 December 2023, 10:47


Three projects and eight causes that work daily to improve the lives of the elderly have been selected to receive the fundraising help from the Soles de Malaga (Suns of Malaga) charity awards, which held its fifth annual presentation event at the Picasso Malaga Museum recently.

Last year, the 170,000 euros raised was divided evenly between the selected projects and eight causes. For 2024, the beneficiaries will be Fundación Harena, Asimas, Cudeca, Afa and Huellas Therapeutics, Asociación Lupus, Asilo de los Ángeles, Aroal, Asociación Botika, Asociación Arrabal-AID, Asalbez and Appafer.

“They work every day to help these people and eliminate their loneliness,” Ángel Rielo said at the presentation ceremony attended by the eleven beneficiary NGOs. Also present was the delegate for social inclusion of the Junta de Andalucía, Ruth Sarabia; the vice president for social innovation and depopulation at the Diputación, Malaga´s provincial authority, Toñi Ledesma; the councillor for social rights at Malaga city council, Francisco Cantos; the commercial director of the southeastern Andalucía branch of CaixaBank, Gerardo Cuartero; the head of the Caixa foundation in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, Juan Carlos Barroso; and the president of El Pimpi foundation, Luis Merino Bayona.

The three projects are the Harena Foundation with Em Compañía, which is aimed at older people who are alone in residences and need support; Asimas with the Bely Command project, which will be dedicated to help find housing for older homeless people; and Cudeca, which offers professional medical care to older patients suffering from cancer or other advanced illnesses, as well as support to their families.

The eight chosen causes are Ada and Therapeutic Footprints, aimed at the elderly suffering with Alzheimer’s; the Lupus Association, which provides home care for the elderly with autoimmune diseases; the Los Angeles Sanctuary will acquire 26 reclining chairs, electric beds, and other items for those they care for; Aroal, which is focused on the elderly living in rural areas; the Botika Association, in which 60 older people will be able to improve their social relations through digital training; the Arrabal-AID Association, which helps older homeless with housing and basic needs; Asalbez, which aids adults from Rincón de la Victoria who suffer from Alzheimer’s; and Appafer, which is also aimed at Alzheimer's patients and works to improve their social skills and autonomy.

At the event it was also announced that Caixa foundation was making an advance contribution of 50,000 euros “so that the chosen projects related to the sector of the elderly” are carried out. The support of the many bodies and companies without whom the collection of Soles from Malaga would not be possible was highlighted. These are: Malaga City Council, Malaga's Diputación provincial authority, Junta de Andalucía regional government, La Caixa foundation, bodega El Pimpi, Tears and Favors Foundation, Cervezas Victoria, Via Célere, Sanamar, Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Malaga Virgen Wineries, Guzmán Nurseries, Idiliq foundation, Giants, Famadesa, Caetano Benet, Soho Boutique Hotels, El Corte Inglés, Quirón Salud, Fox Group, Copicentro, Del Pozo Ingeniería, Grupo Cabello and Ly Company, with the collaboration of Smassa, Juanito Baker, Casa Kiki, Chacinas Castillo, Viajes Vikana,Hamman Al-Andalus, José Luis Puche, Pernod Ricard, Limsama, Tequila José Cuervo, Norteño and Reche Plaza.

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