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Elderly couple attacked and injured outside Malaga hospital by young jewellery thief

Elderly couple attacked and injured outside Malaga hospital by young jewellery thief

An off-duty police officer, who saw what happened, gave chase down the hospital's corridors until the alleged thief was trapped and apprehended outside the intensive care unit

Juan Cano


Friday, 20 October 2023, 16:55

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At around 6pm last Saturday, a male young thief violently attacked and injured an elderly woman while attempting to steal her chain from around her neck. Such was the violence used that he also knocked her to the ground. The alleged attack happened just outside the entrance to Malaga's Hospital Civil.

Seeing the woman as an easy target, he pounced on her and also snatched a ring from her finger. Her elderly husband rushed to help his wife and confronted the thief, but was also knocked to the ground. Immediately afterwards, the thief tried to flee the scene.

By chance, an off-duty Local Police officer who was off-duty witnessed the incident and quickly went to arrest the criminal. After a chase that lasted a few minutes, the young man found himself inside the hospital trying to escape the policeman.

After running along various corridors, the thief ended up at the intensive care unit of the hospital, which, unknown to him, turned into a trap as that area of the hospital was locked shut so that he could no longer escape. By sheer luck, the police officer who had given chase found some support from a National Police officer, who was also off-duty. Even so, they still needed the help of other Local Police officers to arrest the alleged thief.

A few minutes later, four other policemen arrived, and detained the individual. They took him first to a medical centre to get him checked by a doctor, before finally taking him to a police cell. He has already been handed over to the courts.

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