Eight homes seriously damaged after early-morning blaze involving eight motorcycles

The vehicles were parked in a Malaga plaza, surrounded by several blocks of flats


Friday, 7 January 2022, 12:03

Residents of a Malaga neighbourhood were shocked to be woken by a huge blaze, involving eight parked motorcycles, outside the windows of their homes at 7.20am this Friday morning, 7 January.

The vehicles were parked in a plaza that is surrounded by several blocks of flats, in Calle José María Jacquard, in the Intelhorce district of the city.

At around 7.20 am, callers alerted the 112 emergency services coordination centre to warn of the fire, which ended up affecting nearby homes.

The Malaga Fire Brigade managed to fully extinguish the blaze at around 9am and eight properties suffered damage to their windows and blinds.

Local Police officers and an ambulance crew also attended the incident, although there were no reports of personal injuries.


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