Malaga Airport. / SALVADOR SALAS

Four easyJet flights cancelled on first day of airline's Spanish cabin crew strike in Malaga

Ryanair flights have generally been operating normally today, 1 July, but protestors claim the Irish company is bringing in staff from other international airports to try to avoid disruption from the industrial action

Pilar Martínez

Four easyJet flights have been cancelled today, Friday 1 July, the first day of the peak summer holiday season at Malaga Airport, and the first day that the airline’s Spanish cabin crew have been on strike. The cancelled flights were to and from London and Birmingham, and for the moment it looks as if they are the only ones affected today, said Ernesto Iglesias of the USO union, which has convened the strikes by both easyJet and Ryanair cabin crew.

Cabin crew protesting at Malaga Airport. / P. Martínez

Ryanair flights have been operating normally today, although yesterday they cancelled 22 in Malaga. The cabin crew, who are protesting at the doors of Terminal 3 at the airport, claim this is because the airline is bringing in crew from other international airports to get around the strikes in Spain.

The protestors say they did not want to have to take industrial action but had no choice because negotiations over better working conditions and salaries have broken down. They are displaying placards at the airport to show how much cabin crew earn in other countries: In Germany 1,983 euros a month, in France 1,850 euros, and at the bottom of the list is Spain, at 950 euros.

The dates of the other strikes are on 3, 15, 17, 29 and 31 July at all the easyJet bases in Spain, of which Malaga is one of the most important.