Area where the body was found, at the crossroads of Herman Hesse and Gerald Brenan. SUR
Driver arrested after fatal hit-and-run on Malaga industrial estate
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Driver arrested after fatal hit-and-run on Malaga industrial estate

The arrested man, now released on bail, hit a pedestrian with his car and fled the scene of the accident

Friday, 10 May 2024, 14:45


Officers from Malaga's Local Police force have arrested an individual on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence and of abandoning the scene of the accident after a fatal hit-and-run on a city industrial estate.

The incident took place at around 9.35am on 19 April in Calle Herman Hesse (Guadalhorce industrial estate) when a pedestrian, who was walking along a poorly lit section of the road, was hit by a vehicle. The driver of that vehicle stopped to help the victim.

Although the victim was in a well-lit area and witnesses were trying to warn other drivers, a second vehicle ran into him, this time causing fatal injuries, and then fled the scene. The driver of the first car tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

The investigation led to the arrest of the second driver, thanks to witness statements and images captured by CCTV from various business premises on the industrial estate. The driver was identified by officers, who went to his home, but he was not there. They left him a summons and he turned himself in a few hours later to the police headquarters, where his statement was taken in the presence of a lawyer and he was read his rights. He invoked his right to no comment and was released with charges.

The vehicle used to flee the accident is being held for forensic examination.

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