The interior of the bus / Sur

Dangerous 'disco bus' ordered off the road by police in Malaga

The minibus, complete with makeshift bar, had 11 drinking and dancing passengers on board when police stopped it


Bright pink lights shining through the windows of a minibus driving around the centre of Malaga last weekend quickly caught the attention of police officers. When they stopped the vehicle to inspect it, they uncovered a ‘disco bus’ that failed to meet even the most basic of health and safety standards.

The interior of the vehicle had flashing disco lights, a smoke machine and a makeshift cocktail bar. Eleven people were onboard, drinking, dancing and not complying with coronavirus control measures, and all could face charges as a result.

The driver was unable to prove the vehicle was insured and was driving around even though the smoke impaired his vision. Police officers also found the emergency hatch on the roof of the bus was disabled. The heavily-modified vehicle was ordered to be taken off the road by the officers.