Cruise ship bonanza for Malaga with 21 due in first week of November

Cruise ship bonanza for Malaga with 21 due in first week of November

As the occupancy rate of these vessels is around 75 per cent on average, some 36,000 cruise ship tourists are expected to visit the city in just seven days

Pilar Martínez

Thursday, 27 October 2022

November is considered to be the last month of the high season of the cruise sector in the Port of Malaga and the first week of the month will be one of the most intense.

From 1 - 7 November, 21 ships with capacity to accommodate 48,047 passengers are due to dock beside the city. As the occupancy rate of these tourist carrying ships is 75 per cent on average, some 36,000 visitors are expected in that week. The tally of 21 cruise ships equates to almost half of all the traffic scheduled for the whole month, in which the arrival of 49 passenger ships is expected, according to data from the Port of Malaga website.

On 3 November three cruise ships are scheduled to dock in the port, bringing more than 12,500 travellers to Malaga.

One is the largest ship in the world: the Royal Caribbean shipping company's Wonder of the Seas which will call at the city on its way to a new destination in the Bahamian port of Nassau. This colossal vessel can accommodate almost 7,000 passengers, is 364 metres long and weighs 235,600 tons.

And on 6 November, seven ships are scheduled to arrive, which can carry a total of 11,340 passengers. These smaller and very exclusive cruise ships, include the Star Legend and Silver Dawn.

Four cruise ships will overnight in the port on 6 November, which is becoming increasingly common for these luxury boats to do.

A Port of Malaga spokesperson said: "Since the revival of cruise tourism in 2021, companies have maintained and strengthened their commitment to the port and the destination".



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