The façade of the video game museum, illuminated at night Migue Fernández
Council opens proceedings against provincial authority over façade of newly-opened OXO video game museum in Malaga

Council opens proceedings against provincial authority over façade of newly-opened OXO video game museum in Malaga

The building's signs, lights on the window frames and the pergola on the roof allegedly do not comply with the city's planning regulations, according to officials

Jesús Hinojosa


Wednesday, 17 May 2023, 14:38


The facade of Malaga’s newly-opened OXO video game museum has been called into question after the city council found it did not comply with its planning regulations.

Malaga City Council has launched infringement proceedings against the Diputación de Málaga provincial authority, the owners of the centre, for the site’s large illuminated signs, LED lights on the window frames which light up at night in different colours, and the pergola on the roof.

The refurbishment of the museum in the Plaza del Siglo, in the heart of the city centre near the cathedral, attracted controversy weeks before it opened at the end of January.

It generated a lot of criticism on social networks, while architects who usually work on projects for the historic centre, and who are subject to strict restrictions by the Junta and the city council to comply with urban planning regulations also voiced their concerns.

One of these architects, Óscar Agudo, lodged a complaint at the end of December last year with the municipal planning department for what he claimed to be unequal treatment. The governing board of the Official College of Architects endorsed the complaint on 25 January and passed it on to the city council.

A month later, on 21 February, a council planning inspector visited the building to verify that, in fact, its external appearance does not comply with the regulations in force in the city centre. The city council has sent a first report to the provincial authority, which has a period of ten days to present its case.

Sources consulted by SUR said the file had already been opened, prior to the when the letter presented by Óscar Agudo in the last days of December was presented. But, the inspector's visit did not take place until 21 February.

Irregularities are "rectifiable"

The city's planning infringements department opened a case against the provincial authority after deeming the sign on the facade, two signs, the pergola on the roof, the LED lights on the window frames and the white colour of the facade are in breach of the city planning regulations, although this colour was already used when the building was the headquarters of the Turismo Costa del Sol tourist board from 2008 to 2012.

For the refurbishment of the building to house the OXO video game museum the Diputación applied in July last year for a building permit for "façade cleaning and various repairs".

The city council sent a letter to the provincial authorities to warn them of the irregularities, and confirmed that the document arrived last Friday. They have 10 days to reply to the claims.

"The technicians are studying the file and are in contact with the concessionaire of the museum," sources from the Diputación said, who added that the irregularities are "rectifiable".

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