Neil Hesketh (CPC), Ángel Pardo and Pilar Candil (Lima Comunicación), Joanna Styles (CPC) Costa Press Club
Costa Press Club meeting in Verum

Costa Press Club meeting in Verum

The speaker for the occasion was Pilar Candil from Lima Comunicación, and her subject was 'The challenges of PR for the world's best chefs'

Liz Parry

Sunday, 26 February 2023, 06:14


The February meeting of the Costa Press Club took place at Verum, El Asador de Málaga – a fine dining restaurant which made a suitable backdrop for the talk which preceded an excellent meal.

The speaker for the occasion, introduced by CPC board member Joanna Styles, was Pilar Candil from Lima Comunicación, and her subject was «The challenges of PR for the world's best chefs». Pilar works with several of Spain's top chefs, including Diego Gallegos (Sollo in Fuengirola) and José Carlos García (JCG Restaurante in Málaga). She explained how she works closely with clients, through regular meetings and discussion of their future plans, to promote them to potential diners. Pilar's top advice to chefs, some of whom run their own social media accounts, is to be genuine, and not pretend to be something they aren't.

Press club members also heard details of how Michelin stars are awarded, with Pilar stressing that the stars are given to restaurants, not to the chefs who are behind them. (Several members expressed an interest in joining the Michelin team of anonymous inspectors, but sadly didn't meet the criteria!)

Listening to the talk.
Listening to the talk. Costa Press Club

The multi award-winning Restaurante Verum, El Asador de Málaga, whose slogan is «The Temple of Meat» is sister to the Mar de Verum restaurant, also in the Cerrado de Calderón district of the city, which specialises in fish and seafood.

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