Cost of living climbs by average of 426 euros per month for Malaga residents

Cost of living climbs by average of 426 euros per month for Malaga residents

A survey by the Consumers Union reveals that almost 80% of people have had to cut back on their shopping due to inflation

Nuria Triguero


Wednesday, 15 November 2023


A survey by the Consumer Union in Malaga has revealed that almost 80% of residents in Malaga city have reduced or eliminated some items from the shopping basket due to inflation as they spend 426 euros more a month on regular expenditures.

If the monthly figure is extrapolated to the year as a whole, it is equivalent to an increase of 5,117 euros in the expenditure of an average family. The expenditures that have increased the most are food (136.43 euros more per month), housing mortgage or rent (123.10 euros more per month) and fuel (83.57 euros more per month).

The study was carried out by the consumer association with a grant from the Malaga city council's trade department. The survey, in which 609 people participated, was carried out to assess what measures consumer have “taken to alleviate the relentless rise in the cost of living”.

The study authors highlighted the “great concern and social alarm” generated by inflation among consumers. They found that 77% of the respondents said that they have had to reduce or eliminate some products from their shopping list, typically oil and fish.

The study participants also reported that they have had to cut travel, by 62.5%, and cultural or leisure services, by 42%. These cuts also affect the health of consumers, with 33.3% of those surveyed saying they have had to reduce the number of health appointments, such as dental treatments. Also, 29% of the participants said they have reduced or eliminated an insurance policy, including health policies.

Families are buying “fewer fresh and packaged products” and 26% of respondents are using public transport more, with 57% reducing their electricity consumption, while 49% of those surveyed are trying “to repair damaged goods instead of buying new ones”, according to the report.

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