Malaga's carnival parade on Sunday.

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Malaga's carnival parade on Sunday. FRANCIS SILVA

Colour and warmth fill the streets with the Malaga carnival

Thousands of people enjoyed the parade and street acts this Sunday, the first busy weekend of celebrations which culminate on 19 February

Juan Soto

Monday, 13 February 2023


Carnival has filled the streets of Malaga with colour; the parade, one of the most important and largest events of the festivities, toured the city this Sunday bringing colour and warmth to a cold afternoon.

Groups of dancers, several brass bands and numerous other carnival groups, all in spectacular fancy dress, entertained spectators with their dances, confetti and singing.

The parade started at 6pm and travelled through different streets of the centre towards the Plaza de la Merced. "It is a very important day, we are already seeing the atmosphere in the street," said the president of the Fundación Ciudadana del Carnaval de Málaga, Carlos Torres, before the start of the event.

Torres pointed out that the parade was longer than on previous occasions because of an increase in singers and groups who participated; this year a total of 33 different groups took part.


With a smile on her face, Carla waited for the parade to pass. The four-year-old girl, sitting on the shoulders of her father, said: "I like the confetti and all the characters." Francisco, her father, pointed out: "We come every year, but I think it should start a little earlier so that it doesn't get dark."

Beside them, Elena and Marcos were sitting on the curb, "We love carnival but we haven't got dressed up [in fancy dress] because it's very cold," she admitted. "Next year we will do for sure," her brother pointed out.

Sunday's events began with an focus on children with the election of the junior carnival winners as the youngsters aparaded in their elaborate 'fantasía' consumes. The winners were crowned carnival Prince, Princess, God and Goddess.

Once the parade was over, the finalists of the official singing group competition, which has been running in the local theatre for the last few weeks, took to the stage of the Plaza de la Constitución to repeat their performances of the final. The carnival will resume next Friday 17 February with the drag queen competition and ends, after a long night of fancy dress festivities on Saturday 18, with the funeral for the 'boquerón' parade on Sunday.

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