Christmas greeting from Keta: the labrador puppy rescued by a Malaga police officer

The puppy, who is not yet three months old and already aspires to join the canine unit, has become the star of a Christmas video released by Malaga Local Police

Irene Quirante

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 15:17


Keta is not even three months old, but she already aspires to be part of Malaga Local Police. So much so that the endearing puppy has become the main character of this year's Christmas video released by the force to the public.

Keta's story started when Alejandro Atienza, an officer with the canine unit, received a call from a friend, who asked him for help to raise a litter of labradors that had been rejected by its mother. Atienza and his family helped care for them without hesitation. Today, Keta is almost three months old, strong and healthy and aspires to help out the city's police officers.

In the Christmas greeting, which the Malaga Local Police posted on their YouTube channel, a female voiceover (unfortunately, only in Spanish) speaking on behalf of Keta, points out that her name comes from the Spanish croqueta. "When I was born I was very small and brown, like a croquette, and therefore my name is Keta," the voice says.

Led by her guides, Keta tours the city's main sites and discovers what the work of the police officers and their day-to-day job entails during the Christmas festivities.

"After spending time in the streets I've learned that Christmas is a time to share with family and friends - in my case my family are the officers of the Local Police in Malaga," the narrator says.

With her graceful gait, the puppy walks around the Plaza de la Marina, Alcazabilla, Judería, Teatro Romano, Marqués de Larios, Granada or the Tribuna de los Pobres and Compañía, and greets many members of the public including families and excited children.

This year's greeting is the sixth to be produced by the audiovisual unit of the Malaga Local Police, and comes after the short film Santa Trepador, broadcast in 2022. The Malaga Local Police canine unit, of which Keta will be a part of, is a subgroup that forms part of the operational support group (GOA). It currently has seven dogs trained to search people and trace drugs.

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