Rain leaks through cracks in the cathedral roof. sur
Spanish government agrees to contribute to new roof for Malaga cathedral

Spanish government agrees to contribute to new roof for Malaga cathedral

The cost of building the structure over the existing roof, which leaks so badly that it is causing damage to the interior, is an estimated 17.5 million euros

Francisco Griñán


Friday, 18 November 2022, 18:48


It's the news that many had been hoping to hear. The government in Madrid has confirmed that it will contribute to the cost of a new roof for Malaga cathedral.

The Minister for Culture, Miquel Iceta, announced on a visit to the city on Thursday that the general director for Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts, Isaac Sastre de Diego, will come to Malaga next month to see the condition of the roof at first hand and that the government is prepared to collaborate with the project.

“The government has a cathedral restoration plan and many buildings are being improved, but sometimes something urgent occurs and that is the case with the roof in Malaga. We will find ways to help,” Iceta said.

He did not specify an amount, but it is already known that Malaga council will be paying one million euros towards the cost, the Malaga provincial authority will be giving 3.2 million and the Junta de Andalucía 5.3 million euros. The Church authorities have applied for a loan of three million euros and have begun a campaign to encourage individuals and business to donate to the cause.

Although initially the new roof was expected to cost just over 10 million euros, prices have risen so much since then that the final cost will be more like 17.5 million euros.

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