The new roof will be able to be visited inside and out. / SUR

Cathedral's waterproofing price estimate goes through the roof

Due to an increase in construction prices the new roof at Malaga cathedral is now expected to cost 15 million euros, instead of the 10 million originally estimated


The Malaga diocese has received the green light for work on the city cathedral, though there are still months of preparations to be completed before work can begin.

The most optimistic forecasts indicate that works on the cathedral roof could start at the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

Initially, the architects who designed the new gable roof project, Juan Manuel Sánchez La Chica and Adolfo de la Torre Prieto, estimated it at 10.1 million euros. However, as a result of the recent rise in construction cost prices, they admit that the budget could eventually be around 15 million euros.

"We have estimated a cost increase of 30 per cent, and the company's overheads have to be taken into account. However, everything will depend on what the construction companies offer us", explained Sánchez La Chica.

The diocese has already announced its intention to seek financial aid from both public and private entities for the historic building which has a double function of place of worship and monument.