Presentation of the coupon dedicated to Calle Larios in the middle of the famous shopping street itself. SUR
Tickets for national ONCE draw featuring the 'heart of Malaga' go on sale

Tickets for national ONCE draw featuring the 'heart of Malaga' go on sale

It is part of the organisation's ongoing series dedicated to the most emblematic streets of Spain's provincial capitals

Isabel Méndez


Friday, 5 July 2024, 18:55

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The famous Calle Larios shopping street on the Costa del Sol is featuring an ONCE draw coupon which is on sale across the whole of Spain. Specifically, it is one for Tuesday's draw on 9 July that will showcase "the heart of Malaga" to the rest of the country. The two-euro tickets are now on sale.

The Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles, commonly known as Once, is a Spanish foundation founded on 13 December 1938, to raise funds to provide services for the blind and people with serious visual impairment.

The director of Once in Malaga, José Miguel Luque, presented the ticket on Thursday this week, together with the mayor of Malaga Francisco de la Torre, at the exact point in the street that appears in the image on the front of the coupon. In total, five million coupons have as their motif a central view of Calle Larios taken from Plaza de la Constitución, next to the logo of Malaga town hall. This initiative is part of the monographic series that ONCE is dedicating to the most iconic streets in Spain's provincial capitals.

Luque commented that we want to "show off Malaga and the charm and personality of its streets throughout Spain once again" and stressed that this coupon "is also an invitation to the whole of Andalucía and Spain to come to Malaga to enjoy a street that is a central lifeline, a shop window, a symbol of our identity and the heart of Malaga for all Malagueños."

The Calle Larios coupon in detail.

He was also pleased that "the ONCE coupon, which is an instrument of solidarity with a real impact on improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in society, is also an element of projection and dissemination of Malaga at a national level."

The series A Pie de Calle' (at street level) takes a tour of the most iconic streets of 50 cities in Spain, and has already featured streets in other Andalusian provincial capitals such as Paseo de los Tristes in Granada city, Calle Plocia in Cadiz and Calle Arquitecto Pérez Carasa in Huelva.

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