Carmen Thyssen on her arrival on Monday at the museum that bears her name. / SALVADOR SALAS

Baroness Carmen Thyssen in negotiations to renew her Malaga museum agreement

The collector is to renegotiate her agreement with the city hall and is sponsoring a new exhibition space in Estepona


"I want this museum to be forever. Forever," Carmen Thyssen said on Monday on the future of her art gallery in Malaga. It is now time to renew the home of her private collection, at the Carmen Thyssen Museum, with the city hall.

With three years to go before the current agreement expires, in 2025, the Baroness has confirmed that the parties have begun talks on a formula to ensure the stability of her collection of 19th and 20th-century Spanish paintings in the city centre mansion known as the Palacio de Villalón.

Speaking to the press, Guillermo Cervera, the collector's nephew and general curator of the Carmen Thyssen Collection, said the conditions of the new agreement will not be a simple addition to what already exists.

It has not been ruled out that a fee could be set, as in Madrid, that would allow the Carmen Thyssen Museum to be protected for a long period of time in Malaga, where until now the works owned by the baroness have been exhibited free of charge.

Estepona project

The baroness's desire to keep the museum in Malaga is reflected in projects such as the one she announced with the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano. Her museum is to sponsor of a new cultural space in Estepona, El Mirador del Carmen, offering technical advice and lending some of its works for the inaugural exhibition.

More than 40 pieces by painters such as Fortuny, Sorolla, Rusiñol, Tàpies, Menchu Gal and Amalia Avia, among others, will trace the evolution of Spanish art from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Both the exhibition narrative and the exhibition catalogue will highlight Carmen Thyssen's work as a collector since the 1980s and "especially from the 1990s onwards" said Lourdes Moreno, artistic director of the gallery and of the exhibition that will open El Mirador del Carmen.