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Malaga city's old beach spa and surroundings receive protected status

Malaga city's old beach spa and surroundings receive protected status


The council has started the process to make the Baños del Carmen an official asset of cultural interest (BIC) and has put measures in place to protect the building


Tuesday, 31 January 2023, 19:27


Malaga's Baños del Carmen beach spa and its surrounding area have been granted the highest level of heritage protection.

The regional government's delegate for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Gemma de Corral, has this Tuesday (31 January) signed the document initiating the process for it to be listed in the general catalogue of Andalusian historical heritage, as a BIC, an asset of cultural interest.

While the application itself already afforded the site a certain level of protection, this week's move means that the old spa will have the highest protection now that the process is fully under way.

The Baños del Carmen is the only remaining historical public beach bathing facility in the city, according to the Junta's delegate. The heritage site includes unique material assets, located in surroundings of scenic interest on the city's eastern coastline, she added.

The signing of the document initiates the procedure for the inscription in the heritage catalogue as a BIC, in the category of site of ethnological interest, according to the regional goverment.


The Baños del Carmen were opened in 1918 and became a popular bathing spot for the city's bourgeoisie. Beach huts and deck chairs were provided and the area's services increased to include a restaurant, tennis courts and a football pitch. The marble columns gave the area elegance and glamour, as Malaga aimed to compete with famous bathing spots, such as Santander and San Sebastián.

The decision will now be officially registered with the central government in the coming days, as well as communicated to the concession-holders who currently run the popular restaurant on the site and to Malaga city council.

Various aspects relating to the function and context of the site, such as its visual and symbolic features, have been taken into consideration to make a decision about the limits of the area to be protected.

The area is a currently a central space for meetings, activities, entertainment, leisure, health and wellness and a green space in the city. In the area, ethnological, historical, architectural, social, cultural and environmental aspects come together to justify its inclusion in the general catalogue of Andalusian historical heritage.

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