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Banco Santander opens technology hub in Malaga

Banco Santander opens technology hub in Malaga

The new facility will support the investment banking division and is expected to employ 700 professionals in the medium term

Nuria Triguero


Monday, 12 December 2022, 15:20


Banco Santander has set up a technology centre in Malaga to provide support for its investment banking division and it expects to employ 700 people in the medium term. The hub, which is at number 12 in the Alameda Principal, has opened with 50 members of staff.

The company has also announced the opening of a similar hub in Warsaw; between the two they will eventually employ 1,400 professionals with engineering, science and mathematics backgrounds to contribute to the bank’s “digital and commercial transformation”, with experience in the Cloud, big data, network, DevSecOps, AI, software development, enterprise architecture and cybersecurity.

Ambitious recruitment campaign

Banco Santander is currently immersed in an ambitious recruitment campaign under the BeTech! programme and has just launched a website ( which shows all vacancies available, many of them in the two latest technology hubs.

In 2019 the group announced that it would be investing over 20 billion euros in digital transformation and technology during a four-year period. Since then it has expanded and diversified its technological capabilities including migrating 90% of its infrastructure to the Cloud. Santander has also recently launched Gravity, a tailor-made software with which it has digitalised its banking core. The number of clients using digital channels has exceeded 50 million for the first time and 56% of the bank’s sales have taken place over the Internet or mobile app.

Dirk Mrazluf, the head of Technology and Operations, said that technology is a "strategic lever" for business and that Santander is well aware of the opportunity it holds for growth.

Biggest employer in the industry

“Our new teams in Malaga and Warsaw will be part of one of the biggest transformation projects in the financial sector in the world… our ambition is to become the biggest employer of technology professionals in the industry and that translates into how we want to attract the best professionals and help them to grow and develop along with us,” said Alexandra Brandao, the global head of Human Resources at Banco Santander.

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