Babel's CEO and the Mayor of Malaga lead a visit to Ingenia-Babel's security operations centre in Malaga TechPark. ÑITO SALAS
Babel boosts its cybersecurity centre from 200 to 700 employees

Babel boosts its cybersecurity centre from 200 to 700 employees

The company, which came to Malaga a year ago when it bought Ingenia, is now establishing an international cybersecurity hub in the city


Wednesday, 27 July 2022, 11:03


The cybersecurity centre that Ingenia built in Malaga is making great strides forward thanks to Grupo Babel, the Spanish capital technology consultancy that bought the Malaga company a year ago. The new owners have kept the Ingenia brand name for their cybersecurity division, in recognition of the prestige accumulated by the Malaga-based firm. In addition, they announced on Monday, 26 July, that they will be establishing an international cybersecurity hub in Malaga, which will grow from the current 200 employees to 700 over the next three years.

The director of Grupo Babel in Malaga, Francisco Gallardo, stressed at the presentation of this 'hub' that the Malaga cybersecurity centre "is not new: it has based on thirty years of experience and 600 projects carried out". From now on he said it would be stronger and take on an international profile, taking responsibility for the security services provided by the company in the 14 countries in which it operates. Europe, North Africa and Latin America are its main areas of activity.

Grupo Babel's CEO, Toni Olivo, explained the company's evolution and pointed out its ambitious goals. "In 2019 we were 800 professionals and had a turnover of 40 million euros. This year we are already 3,000 people and we are going to have a turnover of 140 million euros. We have made a huge leap, we have tripled everything: turnover, employees. We are a new and different company and we are present in 14 countries, and we are in the ranking of the 10 technology consultancies with the highest turnover in Spain.”

The firm wants to become a benchmark in big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. And in this last area, Malaga is set to will lead the way, according to Mario Casado, head of Babel's cybersecurity business area.




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