A woman by the closed Alborania Museum. / FRANCIS SILVA

Malaga's Aula del Mar marine life association closes its doors

The organisation has shut the Alborania Museum in the city's port and the future of its work to rescue endangered marine species remains in the air


The Aula del Mar, the environmental association created in 1989 that has played an important role in educating the people of Malaga and for its role in the protection of endangered marine species is closing down.

The decision is not new, and dates back to a meeting of partners that took place last May, which agreed that on 31 December Aula del Mar would terminate all of its activities. This decision has already led to the closure of the Alborania Museum.

Representatives from Aula del Mar declined to comment to this newspaper on the association's financial woes, which had worsened during and after the pandemic and led to its 18 workers receiving Erte. A campaign "Let's save the Aula del Mar together" was launched, which achieved broad institutional and civil society support in Malaga.

Along with the loss of jobs, the headquarters of the Alborania Museum in the port will soon return to its owner, the Housing and Rehabilitation Agency of Andalucía (Avra). The future of the Centre for the Recovery of Endangered Marine Species (Crema), which rescues dolphins and turtles stranded on the coast of the province is also up in the air.

There is still hope: several of the partners have already shown their intention to undertake new environmental projects.