Officers found a filthy room which was used as a chicken coop Policía Local

Almost 100 roosters rescued by Malaga police during cockfighting raids

Around 65 officers swooped on four residential buildings in a city district during the Local Police operation



Friday, 21 April 2023, 09:37


Malaga police have cracked down on cockfighting in the city and rescued nearly 200 birds and arrested one person.

Around 65 Local Police officers swooped on four residential buildings in the Palma-Palmilla neighbourhood, specifically Calle Cigüela, on Thursday morning 20 April and found the birds in handmade cages.

Police rescued 94 roosters and 97 pigeons, some of them injured due to being used in cockfighting. Officers also found some filthy rooms which were used as chicken coops in the residential buildings’ communal areas, breaching animal protection laws.

The conditions in which the birds were being kept, which was also subject to high temperatures during the summer period, was a serious offence, police said.

A person allegedly in charge of some of the birds, particularly the pigeons, was arrested and the birds transferred to Malaga City Counci's animal protection service.

Officers also found two pellet guns while collecting the birds, dismantling cages and cleaning the buildings. About 3,000 kilos of waste was removed during the operation.




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